Burial Services

Longholt wood is a member of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds, and adheres to the principles and codes of practice of the organisation.

There are certain rules that anyone using the burial ground should be aware of. We do not allow the use of embalming fluids on site, and all caskets must be readily biodegradable. A simple cotton shroud may be used, cardboard, wicker, bamboo or untreated pine coffins or caskets may also be used. Other materials will be considered satisfactory as long as they are 100% biodegradable.
The use of an undertaking service is not obligatory but recommended, and all faiths and beliefs are welcome.

Graves will be marked by a native memorial tree and simple wooden plaque with inscription, if desired. The laying upon the grave of non-biodegradable items is not permitted however, and these will be removed if placed upon the grave. Flowers may be laid or planted upon the grave, as long as all packaging materials are removed.


Single Plot Burial

Gravedigging & Reinstatement

Memorial Plaque

Ashes Plot including Memorial Plaque and Tree

Interment of Ashes (Each)

Further Information

For more information on the natural death movement please contact the Natural Death Centre at: