About Longholt Wood

Longholt wood is an ancient woodland and natural burial ground surrounded by open farmland in rural Lincolnshire.

The woodland consists of two and a half acres of ancient woodland, and two acres of pasture that have now been planted to form a newly wooded area. This newly wooded area has been dedicated as the area where burials will take place.

Due to the great age of the wood, dating from just after the last glaciation some 10,000 years ago, it contains an abundance of native flora and wildlife.

It is hoped that burials, alongside the sale of traditional woodland products such as timber, firewood, charcoal and kindling, will provide sufficient revenues to secure the future of this rare and important natural resource.
The woodland will be managed through traditional management techniques, under a coppice with standards regime that is designed to maximise wildlife habitats.

Due to the great age of the woodland, there is a huge diversity of both plants and animals, including quite rare varieties such as black bryony and midland hawthorn. Creatures resident or visiting the wood include hares, newts, weasels, deer, bats and short-tailed voles. Avian visitors include barn, tawny and little owls, buzzards, as well as a host of finches, tits, and smaller species.

Wildlife enhancements include the creation of habitat piles, as well as the installation of bird and bat nesting and roosting boxes. Whilst our human visitors will benefit from benches carved from English oak.